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VAMPIRE by Yayashin

First of all I would like to parenthesis everything by saying that I think the piece is stunning. Your grasp of proportions and perspective as regards the female form is incredible, and shows in all of your art.

Hands down my favorite details of the piece are the hair - which does notseem to blend in with everything the way one often sees in paintings - it really seems to float around and over her. My other favorite aspect is the pose. I am in love with that line of her torso and hip, and the way you've shaded there. Really stunning.

My only minor critiques are these. The vacancy of her expression is very evocative, but I almost feel like I want her eyes to be a different color than the hair. Or perhaps just for her to be wearing darker makeup? Her face is beautifully rendered, but in my humble opinion, a little too pale.

Also, and this might just be my own personal hangup. Your style so beautifully blends realism with surrealism. I think it's a genuine pity that you chose not to render her nipple. This is not said from a sexual standpoint, at all. Merely that I find it incongruous with the rest of the painting.

But i reiterate my previous assessment. The work is absolutely beautiful.
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